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Biodiesel is produced by processing waste vegetable oil collected from local restaurants. This is used in all our diesel equipment with the excess sold to farmers, truck drivers and diesel car owners. Glycerin - a by-product of biodiesel production is used to enhance methane-gas production in an anaerobic digester, dust control in riding arenas, etc. We recommend a blend of 50/50 biodiesel and petroleum diesel (B-50) although we ourselves use 100% biodiesel (B-100) in temperatures above freezing. Winter temperatures require blending with petroleum diesel since biodiesel gels at low tem-
perature. Biodiesel burns approximately 75% cleaner than petroleum diesel meaning less exhaust pollution and gives approximately the same mileage as petroleum diesel. When first used, the fuel filters may have to be changed frequently, since biodiesel acts as a solvent and cleans any diesel contaminants and gums from lines and fuel tanks. Our price has consistently been approximately 20 cents per litre below pump prices. A renewable fuel causing less pollution, better lubrication and friendlier to our environment.