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Andy Veenstra Farms Ltd. is located just two miles from Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada and 12 miles west of Buffalo, New York. Near the small town of Sherkston, Andy and Dorothy and family have owned their farm since 1968, starting out small with a cash crop operation which has grown to 2,000 acres, producing mainly soybeans and wheat.
The Veenstras incorporated in 1983 and expanded by adding a commercial grain elevator. To further diversify the operation, a soy/corn roasting plant was developed in 1990. The superiority of the roasted products soon attracted quality conscious feed mills and wholesale brokers in western New York and northern Pennsylvania. The roasted products currently consist of crimped and ground soybeans and corn.

Pelleting straw was started in 2000 and is mainly used for horse bedding. Lately however, this product has gained favour as a biomass fuel and is being experimented with in hydro generation.

Biodiesel production was started in 2004 using fryer oil from local restaurants. This fuel is used in all trucks, tractors, combine, generators etc. which have diesel engines with no modifications needed. Enough is produced to sell to local truckers, farmers or anyone with a diesel vehicle. One by-product of biodiesel is crude glycerin which is used for purposes as diverse as dust control in horse arenas to enhancing the production of methane in anaerobic digesters.